NytePath (NTP) TRC-10 Token 10/11/19

Disclaimer & Forward Looking Statements

Official Disclaimer

NytePath (NTP) Disclaimer & Forward Looking Statements

NytePath is backed by a small development team and their “sweat-equity”. The value of NTP is to be derived from the value of it as a currency. At this point in time we are not backed by any financial institution. Dev's will hold 10% of the Token for future development of Nyte Publications. Profits from Nyte Publications can be used to bring stability to the NTP Token. NTP is meant to be a currency and exchanged as such. When you own NTP you do not own a share or have a stake in Nyte Publications. Nyte Publications promises to accept NTP as a method of payment.

The NTP Airdrop is currently under construction and review. Funds raised from the ICO will fund the Tx fees of the Airdrop. Issuing more NTP can devalue the NTP already in circulation after the 1-Year ICO ends of 1TRX/1NTP. The main purpose of the NTP Dev. team is to hold and grow the of NTP as a crypto-currency. For example, if 100,000 NTP is sold for 1 TRX each and at the year's end we drop an additional 100,000 NTP to each holder, we have issued what the Stock Market calls a Split and the value per each NTP drops to 0.5 TRX. If Nyte Publications publishes ten Books, takes a portion of the profits of each of those book sales, and buys back NTP on the exchanges, we have new money entering the market. For example, a portion of those ten books generated 100,000 TRX which will be used to purchase back 100,000 NTP at 1TRX each. This would increase the value of NTP as new money is introduced. The Recycled NTP can then be airdropped to NTP holders via Nyte Publication’s holdings.

However, on a live model example, NTP can sell for 1.5 TRX just as easily as it can sell for 0.5 TRX. People who value NTP as a currency can easily purchase NTP, increasing the price outside of the participation phase. Those who participated can turn a profit by selling their NTP on an exchange. [It is proposed that we offer authors who are willing to support the NTP Network the option to give readers the ability to buy their work at a discount if they choose NTP as a payment method.] This above mentioned action will help keep a percent of the value in the already-circulating NTP store. The NTP Dev. team will also investigate and research other use-cases for NTP as a real-world currency to continue to add value to the project. Please follow our Time-Line for this information.

Please know, that even if NTP fails as a project, NytePath Publications will continue as planned, as it is a stand-alone entity. The price of NTP has no effect on NytePublications. The Devs., hold the right to their 10% and can spend it as they see fit barring an instant dump on exchanges in order to observe ‘best-practices’ and ethics. [It is proposed that if the Devs., are to use any of the 10% of NTP for Nyte Publications, that you then place a percent of the profits from the sale of books proportionally back into NTP, via a Buy-Back Program. As such, if the Devs., spend their 10% to help grow the value of NTP, there should be no assumption of profits to come from Nyte Publications via a Buy-Back program.]

Please note: We are based in the USA and must abide by local laws. If at any time we are shut-down or ordered to issue a refund, we must and will do so. [With this looming threat the Dev.'s 10% will be locked and all TRX raised will remain unspent until we are safe and clear.] In the above scenerio, Nyte Publications will continue under its stated name [or a new proposed name] allowing people to purchase books via crypto-currency if NTP is shutdown. NTP must follow SEC regulations, for this reason the Airdrop program is under voluntary review by the Dev. team. Our aim is to stay above level and legitimate. We do not have a background in law or finance. We are lovers of 'Crypto' and Books. Each step we take and action we make for the future of NTP will be done with the care of the Dev. team and the holders of NTP in mind.

Together, we hope to build a future where digital payments are simple, easy, and fun. We hope to be able to issue NTP to our holders via our Airdrop plan. We aim to be completely above-board and legal. We also hope that you see our vision for a free-standing token as a currency in today's market. With this disclaimer and these forward looking statements in mind, please participate in NTP with care.

"Make it a good day."

The NytePath Dev. Team